The James Burnes Experience

The James Burnes Experience

Great Thoughts From a Great Man

Premium exclusive content tailored to YOU


A collection of works that demonstrate my extremely good ability to do everything and how employable I am.


As I have the best music taste imaginable, you’re going to want to listen through my playlists.

Digital Artefact

My Instagram page where I review music that I like or maybe even dislike?! You won’t know unless you take a look.

So What Was the Point of it All? – Research Report

Notes and Observations Throughout my autoethnographic research, I’ve recorded my findings in multiple formats. The primary is note-taking, which allows me to crystallise my thoughts as they occur and look back at them to discover how my thinking has changed (blog post 4), or how I can re-examine something with new context provided by epiphaniesContinue reading “So What Was the Point of it All? – Research Report”

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